New WholeMovement LBMS Training in Rome July 2024!

WholeMovement is completing the first movement analysis training of the first cohort in Rome, Italy and starting a new cycle of training. Please see here for all the details.

For further information call
Chiara Parisi +39 348 8987514

More information here in Italian and English. Please note that module 1 is in two parts, July and September.
First Rome WholeMovement cohort constructing the icosahedron, September 2023, in the YFCA building in the centre of Rome. Program hosted by Choronde Progetto Educativo.

New WholeMovement LBMS Training in Israel, summer 2024

Keep an eye on our social media for updates, coming soon….

New WholeMovement Faculty – Alexandra Baybutt

Welcome to Alexandra Baybutt! Ali assisted Karen and Laura on the Moving Forth LBMS program in Scotland 2011-13. She has taught with Cat, Laura and Karen in various training programs, including the current program in Rome.

Ali, smiling at the icosahedron-building, with Caterina Mocciola, translator in the background, next to Angelo the skeleton.