Code of Ethics

As Registered Somatic Movement Educators (RSME) and Therapists (RSMT), WholeMovement conducts somatic movement practice in accordance with the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA) Scope of Practice and adheres to the following values:

– To honor the Standards of Practice of ISMETA.

– To be honest in dealing with the public.

– Not to diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions.

– To uphold professional boundaries and safeguards as outlined in Standard V of the
ISMETA Standards of Practice.

– To refrain from any behavior that demeans or disempowers the student or client.

– To avoid the exploitation of the trust and dependency of others, including clients
and employees;

– To recognize that the intimacy of the therapeutic relationship may stimulate sexual
feelings, memories, or trauma and refrain from exploiting the client’s vulnerability.

– To clearly identify and give credit to ideas, techniques, and principles derived from
other people, disciplines, and modalities within the field when teaching or sharing